Aditya Singh Chauhan ‘ADee’  | Co – Founder & BDM

The journey from being a software engineer, an aspirant of IFoS (Indian Forest Services) to the founder of Revive Routes India, was quite interesting. Over the period, he has worked with several travel companies operating in the Inbound, Outbound, and domestic tourism market in Delhi NCR (India), on the crucial role of the Travel Counselor and Sales & Operation Manager. During his working tenure for almost 8 years, he has earned lots of good reviews, praises, lessons, and unforgettable memories from the clients all over the globe. He has already curated more than three hundreds of itineraries into the successful tours and already served for more than five hundreds of happy clients from different regions of India, Europe, the USA, Australia, and other countries as well. He has successfully done more than 20 Photography groups tour as a tour Escort across India from Himachal Pradesh in North to Karnataka in South, and from West Bengal in East to Rajasthan in West.

While growing up in a city near Ranthambhore, he observed Nature and Wildlife around that got him a clear impression to be a wildlife enthusiast. As of today, he has already visited several renowned National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries for birding, and Nature Hotspots in India. Also, A traveler and explorer by interest pursuing a dream to explore all the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Meanwhile, he has already checked into 25 (out of 42 in total) UNESCO World Heritage sites in India & 08 UNESCO sites outside India. Apart from these sites, he explored the heritage, religious & cultural sites of other foreign countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia as well. Every place he had ever checked into has a unique story to recite. Aditya, a truly passionate guy who has the knowledge of travel & powerful hospitality skills to change the world for the better cause. The one who always keeps a big smile on his face differs him from other travel agents in the world. His own travel experience will help you out to customize your travel itinerary perfectly. 

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